Yvonne Cho
Occupation Detective Formerly
Powers and
Played By Christina Chang
Status Deceased
Yvonne Cho was a Detective for the local police before she got murdered by The Watcher.


Yvonne in Season 1, Episode 1: PilotEdit

Yvonne Cho is Jim's friend, co-worker and doorway into the police world. Unlike some of his other co-workers, Yvonne respects Jim and understands his wish to help. Yvonne was almost shot by a perpetrator in police custody whom managed to grab a hold of another cop's gun.

Yvonne in Season 1, Episode 2: No Ordinary MarriageEdit

Yvonne is taken hostage by a criminal. This criminal has the ability to teleport short distances. When she wakes up in the back of his car, she shoots him, before he could kill Jim. However, she does not appear to have observed his ability first-hand. When Jim tells her of what he can do, in No Ordinary Marriage, she tells him that he does not know exactly what he is getting himself into, and also that it is illegal. In attempting to justify himself to her, Jim informs Yvonne that there are others like him.

Later, Yvonne encounters the Watcher in her apartment. When she reaches for her gun, he levitates it away from her grasp with his telekinetic powers. He then uses those powers to put her in a chokehold. Following this, he questions her. In answering, she lies to protect Jim. The lie she tells is that nobody else knew what the dead criminal could do. (This is a lie and an omission of truth because Jim Powell told Yvonne about the dead criminal's powers. Her disbelief, despite witnessing Jim's power, may have helped her lie).

Her gun is seen being levitated into a position to shoot her. Yvonne is shot offscreen, presumably in the head with a fatal blow. The shot, her pleading and her scream were overheard by the viewer while The Watcher was seen leaving her apartment. The shot was fired from her own gun, likely while it was still being telekinetically levitated by The Watcher. Her apartment door was open during her scream.

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