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Victoria Morrow.png
Victoria Morrow
Family Unknown
Occupation Works for Helen Burton
Powers and
Played By Rebecca Mader (real form), Michael Chiklis (as Jim Powell), Julie Benz (as Stephanie Powell), Kay Panabaker (as Daphne Powell), Autumn Reeser (as Katie Andrews), Romany Malco (as George St. Cloud), and various extras.
Status Alive, (Resurrected)

Victoria Elizabeth Morrow is a woman with the ability to Shapeshift.


Vice President of Human Resource at Global Tech. She pledged allegiance to Dr. King and has the ability to shape-shift. In episode 13, she learned of Stephanie Powell's super powers. In episode 15, she appears on orders of Dr.King to kill a member of the Powell family and replace them she appeares to die in a brawl with Jim and her body is handed over to The Watcher for disposal. However, it turns out later she is still alive and that The Watcher delivered her body to Mrs. X so that she may be revived, who sends her to find out more of Katie's pregnancy.She later disguises herself as Joshua in order to get closer to Katie however with the help of George Katie figures out the ruse and Victoria threatens to hurt her if she does not cooperate but the real Joshua shows up in the knick of time and orders her away. She is last seen getting onboard a plane with 80 criminals on orders from Mrs.X. It's now know that her powers are permanent due to JJ's equation solver along with George's and 80 other criminals after the crash.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Shapeshifting - She uses this ability to sneak into people's lives for Dr. Dayton King and Helen Burton. She uses this to find out information about the Powells and eventually finds out about their powers. Whilst helping Helen she seemingly uses this to turn into a doctor to find out more about Katie's baby.