If you are we've got some information from ABC regarding their new show No Ordinary Family. They've got a lot going on, so make sure you check them out at Booths 3921 & 3923!!

a) 3:15-4:15 ABC's No Ordinary Family: Exclusive Premiere— This is No Ordinary Panel!Michael Chiklis (The Shield), Julie Benz (Dexter), and executive producers Greg Berlanti(Green Lantern), Jon Harmon Feldman (Tru Calling), and David Semel (Heroes) present an exclusive screening of the new ABC series No Ordinary Family. After the screening, join them for a Q&A session and find out more about the superpowers that made this family go from ordinary to extraordinary overnight! Plus, everyone in the room will receive a surprise. Room 6A

b) Are you going to be hungry on Saturday? Walk over to the Cine Café at 412 K Street and get your “No Ordinary Hero” sandwich. The first 100 people who come to our booth with their “No Ordinary Hero” wrapper will receive a free tee shirt!

90% sure their official twitter account is NOFonABC, so follow them because I'm sure they'll be tweeting all about the events!

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