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Tom Seeley
Occupation Unemployed
Powers and
Played By Ethan Suplee
Status Alive
Appeared In No Ordinary Double Standard

Tom Seeley was paralyzed before he got treated by the serum.

Character Biography[]

According to Dr. Dayton King, Tom Seeley fell from a balcony, pushed by a cellmate in prison. He was taken and tested with the Trilsettum Serum by a group of scientists including Dr. King and Lena Perkins. The serum cured his paralysis and gave him the ability of subliming himself, which he considered an abomination to himself. After he finally mastered this ability, he determined himself to avenge the scientists that mutated him, even though they wiped his memory after he was injected. After he attacked Lena, Tom seeked help from her friend, Stephanie Powell. It was there where Seeley discovered Dr. King's location at Global Tech. Tom tried to kill Dr.King, only to be stopped by Mrs. Powell and her husband, Jim. Seeley managed to escape the scene. A day later, Seeley was found with a dart on his neck. His fate remains unknown. 

Season 1[]

Power's and Abilities[]

  • Sublimation - Seeley has the ability to decrease his molecular density, allowing him to take the appearance of a silver mist. Tom has great power over this and is able to fit in any space. He is also lighter than air in this form, which allows him to float. Even though he is intangible in this state, Tom can compress a part of his molecular level to carry things, even at higher strengths, as he was shown levitating Stephanie Powell.