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Time Travel is the ability to travel to different time periods and seeing what has happened, or what will happen. As shown in the show, the time traveler isn't seen by others (possibly so they couldn't disrupt time).

Known Users[]

  • Stephanie Powell - Stephanie can use time travel because of the serum that Dr. King treated her with, she saved her family by going into the future and seeing how their secret is blown in No Ordinary Future, this isn't really a new ability to her but it is an enhanced version of her Super Speed by moving faster than time itself (explained by JJ) so whilst moving at that speed it pushes her into the future, this ability seemed to be temporary effects from the serum due to in No Ordinary Future, every time she Super Speeded she would go to the future, in No Ordinary Beginning she can run without going to the future (trilsettum wire off).


  • Stephanie could die if she time travels too much, proven by Katie.