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Theo Patton.jpg
Theo Patton
Occupation Unemployed
Powers and
Played By Alex Solowitz
Status Deceased
Appeared In No Ordinary Anniversary

Theo was a Super with the ability to control and generate fire.

Season 1[]

No Ordinary Anniversary:[]

Theo was a sociopathic serial arsonist, having burned down three buildings. After burning down his second building, Jim sees him watching the flames. A few days later, While Jim and Stephanie are walking home from a restaurant, they notice firemen putting out another fire. Jim spotted Theo and chased him into an alley. Theo warns Jim he doesn't know what he's up against, but after learning that Jim is a Super, he blasts Jim away with a blast of fire. just when Theo was about to kill Jim, Stephanie walks into the alley and knocks Theo out with a pipe. Seconds later, Theo is taken into custody. The next day, Jim takes Stephanie into the lair to figure out a way to stop him. She says if she can break Theo out, she can create a sedative to permanantly shut off his powers. When they are unable to get Theo set free because of a lack of evidence, Theo uses his one phone call to blackmail King into freeing him, and King says he will send someone to free him. Jim and Stephanie decide to intercept the van transporting Theo and take him back to the lair to find a way to shut down his powers, but learn that someone beat them to it. Once they get to the van, Stephanie tells Jim to help the unconcious occupants of the van, which is now upside down and on fire while she goes after Theo. Stephanie then tracked Theo down to a warehouse where a fight then ensues. Theo shot a blast of fire at Stephanie, but she dodged it. Theo then turns into a living fireball and charges at her. Stephanie again dodged him and runs off with Theo right behind her. Theo hits Stephanie, but barely, just enough to bring her to her knees. Theo then prepares his final attack, but Jim arrives and throws him under a storage bin. After Jim runs to help Stephanie, Theo prepares to kill them both, but before he can attack, the storage bin above him opens, burying him in sand. The sand killed him, showen in the next episode

Power's and Abilities[]

  • Pyrokinesis - He demonstrated this ability when burning houses down in No Ordinary Anniversary, he could generate, control and even become fire, when in his 'fire mode' he can also fly and he has great control over this. He can almost fly as fast as Stephanie can run, but due to Stephanie's super quick reflexes she was always able to evade him.


  • It is unknown if he can only control fire he has made or if he can do it to any wild fires.