Telekinesis is the mental power, ability and capability to move, control and manipulate inanimate objects, items or even people with your mind alone, without the need of touch.

Known UsersEdit


Joshua King telekinetically controlling and manipulating a gun.

  • The Watcher, Joshua - Joshua aka The Watcher has used this ability on multiple occasions, and uses it mostly to kill people, for example, he killed Yvonne Cho in the No Ordinary Marriage to lift her above the ground (as if she was levitating) and asks her a few questions before releasing her then using her gun (telekinetically) to kill her, it can be noted he has to be injected with a serum that gives abilities to keep his power of telekinesis in check.
  • Katie Andrews - Katie uses this capability for the first time in No Ordinary Animal, and she figures out at the end this has something to do with her pregnancy, due to Katie being a virgin before Joshua, it can be assumed this is Joshua's baby, since Joshua had telekinesis the baby probably has this ability too.


  • This is the first ability on the show to be passed down from father to Son/Daughter through the generations. (No Ordinary Animal)
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