Superhuman Strength

Superhuman Strength is the ability, or power to lift much heavier objects then a normal human being should be able to.

Known HandlersEdit

  • Jim Powell - He has used this ability multiple times to catch or throw stuff, even using it to propel himself by using his superhuman strength to leap extremely far distances, he can lift approximately 11,000 pounds, while the exact upper limits of his strength are unknown, it is shown that Jim can lift and throw objects as heavy as a van with ease. He also possesses sufficient strength to sculpt marble with his bare hands as if it were modeling clay
  • Roy Minor - He got this ability when he was injected with the Serum that his son Chris Minor stole from the Powell's, he demonstrated it when he bested Jim in a fight, and when he uses his power to break into an ATM Machine to take money, he was later beaten by Jim cause Jim did some extra training with George.


  • This ability has been used with and without the Serum, being the second power/ability to do so, after Telepathy.
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