Super Leaping is the ability to Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. was a referenced to Superman, and has been used in the show to describe Jim's Super Leaping ability.

Known UsersEdit

  • Jim Powell - Jim uses this ability to fight crime, getting from places to places as fast as possible, faster then the police can do with cars and bikes, George stated he can only jump up to quarter of a mile, but it has been shown to jump further then that on the show.
  • Lucas Winnick - As his ability involves that of an animal, he is able to leap vast heights and distances, as he demonstrated this fighting Jim Powell in No Ordinary Animal, his type of Super Leap isn't as powerful as Jim's but is still a form of Super Leaping or Jumping.
  • Roy Minor - Roy uses this ability to rob banks for himself in No Ordinary Proposal. This is how he usually gets away from the bank with the money.


  • This ability isn't its own ability like Super Speed or so, but more of a part of his Superhuman Strength, using his Strength to push off the ground and jump into the air, allowing him to be Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.
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