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Sophie Angler
Occupation Bombmaker
Powers and


Empathic Toxikinesis
Played By Tricia Helfer
Status Deceased
Appeared In No Ordinary Love

Sophie Angler is a superhuman bombmaker that once worked for the mysterious Mrs. X before she was later killed by her own employer.


Sophie Angler was sent by Mrs. X to use her pheromone-based abilities to entrance men to steal certain ingredients for bombmaking, in order to use them against Dr. King's experiments. Sophie used various men as puppets to steal from local drugstores, framing them. At one point, she took advantage of George St. Cloud and his law enforcement and used him for personal gain. Later on, she discovered Jim Powell and his abilities and made him steal chemical compound from the Air Force. She then forced him to activate a bomb on the building that Dr. King was working at. Sophie and Jim were then stopped by Stephanie Powell.

Sophie reunited again with Mrs. X, even though she failed her duties. Mrs. X promised they will remain in contact. Minutes later, as Sophie was getting in her own car, a bomb detonated under it (obviously by Mrs. X), killing her.


Empathic Toxikinesis: Sophie had the ability to generate and manipulate love-based pheromones that caused deep, strong infatuation. Her powers only worked against men, which when infatuated, they would do anything at her bidding. These men would also forget any other desire, replaced by Sophie herself. However, these infatuations are temporary and the victim would forget his time with Sophie after the effect wore off.