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Roy Minor
Family Chris (son)
Occupation none
Powers and
Super Strength, Super Leaping, Invulnerability (Temporary)
Played By Anthony Michael Hall
Status Alive
Appeared In No Ordinary Proposal

Roy Minor is Chris Minor's father. His legs were paralyzed during a car accident after he ordered Chris to drive for him because he was drunk. However after his accident he quit drinking and became a better person, until his mind was altered by the Trilsettum Serum.

Season 1[]

No Ordinary Proposal[]

While Chris is at a party, he overhears Jim and Stephanie talking about a healing medicine; Chris steals it and gives it to his father. Roy does not just get better, he gains Super Strength, Super Leaping and invulnerability; when he was trying to get a beer, he smashes right through the fridge. When Chris finds out about his dad's strength he tells him to stop, and is flown across the house by his father (His mind damaged by the serum) when he challenges him. Now Roy is a bank robber, but his strength is weakening. So, he tells Chris to get more serum, an order Chris refuses. So Roy has to get it himsef. He goes to Global Tech and kidnaps Katie so Stephanie will give him the serum. As he is makeing his escape Jim jumps in and bests him in a fight, Roy is arrested while he has no powers.

Power's and Abilities[]