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Reed Koblenz
Family Sally Downs
Occupation Criminal
Powers and
Played By Jamie Harris
Status Deceased
Appeared In Pilot

Reed Koblenz was a a robber who had the ability to Teleport.

Season 1[]

Reed first appeared in the pilot episode No Ordinary Pilot. Before the events of No Ordinary Family, Koblenz jumped bail a month before in Michigan. He was also affiliated with a Sally Downs who posted his bail. Reed then goes to rob a jewelry store killing the owner of the jewelry store in the process. Later on, Reed is reported to have robbed again. Jim, hearing this from George, confronts Reed. Jim easily pins Reed to the wall and tells him that he is going to prison for a long time. However, Jim gets Shot in the Head by Reed's accomplice. Jim did Not realize that Accomplice was In the Car too. Reed & his Accomplice escape. eed is then seen coming to his girlfriend's apartment, where Detective Cho and another officer just went. They have a brief gun fight ending with Reed killing the other officer and capturing Detective Cho. While Reed is putting Cho in the back of the car he is once again confronted by Jim. This time, Jim does Not see Reed's accomplice, but It's revealed that Reed never had an Accomplice becuz Reed teleported to Shoot Jim's head. This time Jim lasts longer than before but once again has a gun pointed at the back of his head. Reed then tells Jim that they aren't the only ones right before being shot and killed by Cho.


  • Reed's teleportation looks similar to Nightcrawler's teleportation.
  • Reed is proficient with a gun.
  • He carries a standard Desert Eagle