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Rebecca Jessup
Occupation Super-powered Thief?
Powers and
Shock-wave Emissions
Played By Rachel Miner
Status Alive
Appeared In No Ordinary Quake

Rebecca Jessup was a criminal who stole drugs and such using her powers to cause earthquakes.

Character Biography[]

Season 1[]

No Ordinary Quake[]

Rebecca has been stealing medicines in various pharmacies in an attempt to rid herself of her abilities. After several failed attempts she goes to Global Tech to confront Dr. Dayton King and exact her revenge but she is knocked unconscious by his security. However she awakens during her transport back to the secret facility. Feeling the after shock of her escape, Jim rushes from Stephanie's award ceremony to confront her. She is visibly surprised to see him alive after their last encounter. Jim explains that he has powers also and she responds "they got you too". Before Jim can ask her to explain, she knocks him unconscious believing that he works for King. Fortunately before she can kill him The Watcher appears and knocks her out.

Power's and Abilities[]

  • Shock-wave Emissions - She uses this ability to cause earthquakes as a distraction to steal from drug stores and to fight people like Jim, she needs an injection to keep these abilities by the Trilsettum Serum.