No Ordinary Ring
Season 1, Episode 3
No Ordinary Ring
Air date October 12, 2010
Written by Zack Estrin & Marc Guggenheim
Directed by Terry McDonough
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After Stephanie's ring is stolen during a robbery at a high-end wedding, Jim and George become wedding crashers in an attempt to catch the thugs. Meanwhile, after learning that assistant Katie misguidedly used her own blood to cover for Stephanie's company physical exam - fearing that the results would reveal her powers - Stephanie is forced to use her powers in order to retrieve the blood sample from a secure lab. Against her parents' wishes, Daphne wants to tell her friend Megan about her telepathic abilities after she inadvertently reads her mind and blurts out what she heard. JJ asks Daphne to scan the mind of a cute girl to find out if she has feelings for him.


Michael Chiklis - James "Jim" Powell, Sr

Julie Benz - Stephanie Powell (née Crane)

Kay Panabaker - Daphne Nicole Powell

Jimmy Bennett - James "JJ" Powell, Jr.

Autumn Reeser - Katie Andrews

Romany Malco - George St. Cloud

Stephen Collins - Dr. Dayton King




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