No Ordinary Proposal
Season 1, Episode 16
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Air date 22 Feb, 2011
Written by Emily Silver
Directed by Stephen Surjik
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Jim is chasing another criminal (under the directior of George) and corners the guy in an ally. In a panic, the thief starts firing the gun. While Jim easily deflects the bullets, and subdues the latest wrong-doer, a stray bullet richocets off the alley dumpster and hits an inocent bystander, causing life-threatening damage.

Daphne invites Chris over to Josh and Katee's engagement party. He overhears Jim pleading with Stephanie to use the serum to heal the boy who was shot, she refuses. Chris decides to steal the serum to heal his father, Roy (who was paralyzed in a car accident two years ago). This causes disastrous results when Roy gains super-strength that rivals that of Jim's and begins breaking into ATMs. It is revealed that Roy is an abusive father. Joshua, aka The Watcher, proposes to Katie.

JJ's math teacher blackmails him into joining the schools academic decathlon team, which he coaches, in exchange for granting Natalie a $10,000 scholarship she needs. It is revealed that Dr. King arranged this to find out just how smart JJ really is. The serum that Joshua took to negate his powers takes hold at the end of the episode.

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