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Hennessey69 Hennessey69 6 April 2011

Yay :)

This wikia now has over 100 pages, I've created around 50..and its taken a while and I intend to keep creating more pages about the show, I still need to do more for example Mr. Litchfield, and Natal…

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Evanf Evanf 28 March 2011

Helping the Site

I would like to help the site. I am going to ask Sannse if I can be b'crat since it is for lonely wikis. I hope she says yes because I would love to help this wiki.

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LaughingOnGrass LaughingOnGrass 24 March 2011

Helping, but not taking full command

This wikia is pretty lonely, not having enough editors. I'd take it, but I don't exactly commit to anything to seriously. Though, this is abandoned or I think so anyways, I'm just here to say that I'…

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