Fans of 'No Ordinary Family', with only one or two episodes left, two of main leads signing for 2011 pilots and sets being taken off the lot, there maybe a possibilty of 'No Ordinary Family' being cancelled.

Do you want the ABC to cancel 'NOF'? Do you want ABC to pull their "famous" no satisfactory finale/ ending? Do you want well, no, 'No Ordinary Family' on t.v anymore?

Well, fans, you know what you can do? Sign a petition to save the show! The goal is 10,000 signatures by April. Here are the websites for the petition(s):\

The petitions are online and free. Please sign the petition and keep NOF alive!

To spread word of the possibilty of cancellation tell friends at school, work, through social sites such as Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, Twitter and more