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Natalie Poston
Family Unnamed (father)

Unnamed (mother; deceased)

Played By Katelyn Tarver
Status Alive
Appeared In No Ordinary Sidekick, No Ordinary Friends, No Ordinary Detention, No Ordinary Powell, No Ordinary Proposal
Natalie Poston was a girl who went to the same school as Daphne Powell and JJ Powell, she is also JJ's love interest.

Character BiographyEdit


  • JJ Powell - She had a thing for JJ after they had a game of chess together and JJ won, she liked him a lot until No Ordinary Detention, where she broke up for him due to thinking he would put her off her grades at school and was only focused on her future, although they weren't together JJ still liked her a lot and even helped her get her scholarship.

Season 1Edit

No Ordinary SidekickEdit

JJ first meets her at a 'smart kids club' where the two are about to play chess, but JJ's ability seems to not work when he is trying to use it with girls, until he focuses on something else so he backs out this time, when he comes back he beats her and she seems really happy about this and the two eventually start dating and she seems to really like him.

No Ordinary FriendsEdit

Natalie becomes a 'fake' love interest to Troy, a new kid at school to get Natalie to like JJ more by making him act more of a 'bad boy' once JJ punches Troy straight in the face using his ability to find a hurtful spot she seems to be rather impressed someone would fight for her.

No Ordinary DetentionEdit

When Natalie and JJ are texting each other in class, there phones get taken off them and they get sent to detention, here everyone starts talking in detention and eventually ends it with JJ, she explains why shes leaving him and how its about how she is getting distracted from her grades and keep moving house and such, in the end they just stick to being friends.

No Ordinary PowellEdit

Im abit hazy on this episode so if anyone could fill this one in, that would be great :) Hennessey Frost 22:32, April 24, 2011 (UTC)

No Ordinary ProposalEdit

JJ meets Natalie to try get them back together at a diner and she rejects him and eventually starts walking until the two see a women wearing a necklace that was her looked identical to her mothers, JJ tries to find out how she has this and eventually stumbles onto who murders her mother, and eventually gets the necklace back for her.


Memorable QuotesEdit

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