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Katie Andrews
Family Henry (son)
Joshua King (fiancé)
Occupation lab assistant to Stephanie Powell at Global Tech


Played By Autumn Reeser
Status alive

Character Biography[]

A lab tech and Stephanie's personal assistant at Global Tech and comic book fangirl. She is aware of the Powells' superpowers. She is also dating the Watcher (under the alias of Will and later Joshua), but it is unknown to her that he had been hired by Dr. King to find out about the Powell family's abilities.[6] Her favorite superhero(ine) is Kitty Pryde.

Powers and Abilities[]

Katie acquired telekinetic powers due to her pregnancy with Joshua's child.



She fancies various superheroes, her favorites being Kitty Pryde and Wolverine of X-Men. She also fancies Tony Stark aka Ironman, Superman, Batman, Robin, and various other comic book heroes.

Memorable Quotes[]

"Kitty Pryde, yeah, she's my favorite X-Man. Or, X-Woman, technically." —Pilot (S1E01)

"Are you generating some kind of charged plasma field from the kinetic energy?" —Pilot (S1E01)

"...That would totally validate everything I've been working on in therapy." —Pilot (S1E01)

"Because of your increased metabolic rate despite your high caloric intake you're going to be a size zero for the rest of your life. I hate you. :) " —Pilot (S1E01)

"Except for one minor detail: JJ, you're pregnant." —No Ordinary Quake (S1E04)

"I have not felt this way about a guy since ComicCon of '06 when I fell for the cutest metrosexual wookie." —No Ordinary Sidekick (S1E09)