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Henry King
Family Katie Andrews (mother)
Joshua King (father)
Powers and
Healing Factor
Status Alive
Appeared In No Ordinary Beginning

Henry King is the son of Katie Andrews and Joshua King.

Character Biography[]

While his mother was pregnant with him he grew at an extraordinary rate. He temporarily gave his mother Telekinetic abilities meaning that is was possible to share abilities when inside the womb. Due to having an accelerated growth problem he was born weeks early and died shortly after birth, however, due to his (possibly) healing factor, he revived himself and was quickly embraced by his mother and father.

Season 1[]

No Ordinary Beginning[]

He was born weeks after he was conceived and as he was born he died shortly after, but his ability of healing himself at an faster rate kicked in and saved his life, not much is none about this child other then he is a 'boy', he has Super abilities, and he is the first born of Joshua King and Katie Andrews.

Power's and Abilities[]

  • Telekinesis - He hasn't displayed this in person but has given this ability to his mother Katie Andrews, she displayed this when she telekinetically threw Lucas across a street without touching him, and has also moved chairs and other objects, but the Baby has not yet shown it.
  • Healing Factor - Due to his accelerated growth problem on how he was born within a few weeks of being conceived, he should have died, in fact he did but his healing factor kicked in and brought him back to life.


  • Accelerated Growth - He was born mere weeks after being conceived and proved he could grow incredibly fast, after he was born it is unknown if it still is working, due to him having his Healing Factor.
  • Telempathy - This ability is the ability through pregnancy where a child in the womb feels his mother is in danger or harm so it grants her the abilities it has to protect herself, he used this to give his mother Telekinesis, and she only used it a few times but proved able to do so.


  • He is the youngest person to display super powers.