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Helen Burton.jpg
Helen Burton
Mrs. X
Family Unknown
Occupation CEO of Global Tech
Powers and
Unknown (Possibly Resurrection)
Played By Lucy Lawless
Status Alive
Appeared In No Ordinary Love, No Ordinary Animal, No Ordinary Future, No Ordinary Beginning

Helen Burton, also known as Mrs. X, is the CEO of Global Tech that little is known about. She is extremely interested in superhuman powers and, over the course of her life, became obsessed with learning how to make them permanent. At the conclusion of season one, she discovered the secret to permanence and took eighty criminals as passengers aboard a doomed plane, hoping to give them permanent powers so that she could then sell their services to the highest bidder.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Genius-level intellect/Master Scientist: Helen is an extremely intelligent individual and quite knowledgeable in genetics. Helen was able to resurrect Victoria, stating that it is not impossible but very very difficult.

No Ordinary Animal[]

She always arrives in a limo and parks on the side of the street to meet her associates. In "No Ordinary Animal", she sends a newly developed super Lucas Winnick to kill all the other supers on earth for some strange reason. She gets mad at him for leaving a body of a super at the crime scene and says; "A non-idiot would take the body because he knows that there would be an autopsy. And an autopsy could lead to some uncomfortable questions. We don't want that, do we?". At the end of this episode, she confronts Dr. King and tells him to do a better job or she will murder him and all the supers.


  • She is the first person to have a mystery name on the show.