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Dr. Dayton Howard King, Jr., Phd

Dr. Dayton King
Family Joshua, He considered's him his son
Occupation Executive at Global Tech
Powers and
Super Strength, Super Speed, Healing Factor, Telepathy, Invincibility
Played By Stephen Collins
Status Deceased

is a character in No Ordinary Family.

Character Bio[]

Dr. King has risen through the ranks of Global Tech to become one of its most senior and important executives. His experience and knowledge made him a pillar of GT, and an ideal mentor for Stephanie Powell. Stephanie's rise through Global Tech largely came about from the support of King, and they share a very close working relationship. However, there are secrets to King's past that Stephanie is not aware of. Sometime before the events of the show, Dr. King began collaborating with Mrs. X and founded a secret facility in which he created several superpowered people, including Joshua King and Rebecca Jessup. It seems not all individuals joined Dr. King's program by choice, as, when Jim Powell talks to Rebecca Jessup, she says "so they got to you too?"

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Super Strength - He bested Jim in a fight before being stopped by the Antidote Serum.
  • Super Speed - He was as fast or even faster then Stephanie Powell before he was injected with the Antidote Serum and died.
  • Telepathic Mind Blocking and Torture - When Daphne tried to use her ability on him it pushed her out and induced pain to her.
  • Invincibility - He claimed he could not be killed even when pulling a large piece of wood out of his chest.
  • Healing Factor - His Healing was never shown but to have Invincibility he must have had some accidents to cause scars which he has none to show.
    • These abilities were all temporary and required an injection to keep them there, he also required them to stay alive before he was injected by an anti-version of the serum.


  • He only ever showed his abilities the same episode he died.
  • Has a crush on Stephanie Powell and wish to have a romantic relationship with her. This was demonstrated many times. Stephanie was able to use this when the Powells started to suspect him to get close to him to get information.