Dave Cotten
Family Michelle Cotten (Wife), Troy Cotten (Son), Chloe Cotten (Daughter)
Occupation (Forgot, sorry could someone get this info for me, thank you),
Played By Rick Schroder
Status Alive
Appeared In No Ordinary Friends

Dave Cotton moved near the Powell's with his Family.

Season 1Edit

No Ordinary Friends:Edit

He recently moves near the Powell's and is making Jim suspicious about him being a whie-collar thief. His family moves around often, so his children don't have alot of time to make friends. Luckily, The Powells make quick friends with them and JJ and Daphne are their Dave's children's age and also, they go to the same school. It later turns out that his wife, is the thief. She admits it to Stephanie and says: "We are having a hard financial time." and Stephanie says: "So that gives you the right to do it?". So his wife gets shot by the people she is working for and ends up in the hospitial. Dave never knew that she was a muesem thief.


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