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Hennessey69 Hennessey69 6 April 2011

Yay :)

This wikia now has over 100 pages, I've created around 50..and its taken a while and I intend to keep creating more pages about the show, I still need to do more for example Mr. Litchfield, and Natalie I will get round to it eventually, but just felt like saying Congratz on 100 Pages :)

Hennessey69 04:49, April 6, 2011 (UTC)

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Evanf Evanf 28 March 2011

Helping the Site

I would like to help the site. I am going to ask Sannse if I can be b'crat since it is for lonely wikis. I hope she says yes because I would love to help this wiki.

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LaughingOnGrass LaughingOnGrass 24 March 2011

Helping, but not taking full command

This wikia is pretty lonely, not having enough editors. I'd take it, but I don't exactly commit to anything to seriously. Though, this is abandoned or I think so anyways, I'm just here to say that I'd like to definally help whenever I can because this show/website is a good one. Just here to tell you, that I am going to help when I can. and maybe, I'll attempt to take on the responsibility of admin ;)

Yours Truly, LaughingOnGrass 01:49, March 24, 2011 (UTC)

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Bchwood Bchwood 1 February 2011

Picking up the site

Hi, I'm from Wikia and am happy to continue updating this site for you guys.

Let me know if you have any questions/comments.


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Godisme Godisme 22 January 2011

Someone needs to take over this site

Wikia wanted to run this site and then abandoned it. It is now left adminless and is not getting any care. Someone will need to adopt it. I would do it myself but I am busy with three other wikis. Decide amongst yourselves who should take over the site and post a request here. Best of luck to you all

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Jenjie Jenjie 10 November 2010

Super Power

If you could have a super power, like on the show, what would it be and why?

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Scarecroe Scarecroe 2 November 2010

Daphne's new power

It was recently exhibited that Daphne has an extension of her mind-reading powers. After physical contact with an individual, she has visions of what that person is thinking. How do you think this new power will affect her life? What will be the repercussions of this new found information with her family?

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Scarecroe Scarecroe 7 October 2010

Two episodes in...

Hey, so now that the show has aired it's first two episodes, what do you think? I'm a big superhero fan, and I love seeing a domestic take. Is it too much like The Incredibles and the Fantastic Four? Not enough like them?

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Xean Xean 1 September 2010

ABC’s “No Ordinary Family” Is Looking For The Most Extraordinary Family In America

Here's the release we got from them.....

Submit a Video Telling the Story of Your Extraordinary Family and You Could Win A No Ordinary Vacation Package to the Walt Disney World® Resort in Florida

Even the most ordinary of families are extraordinary in their own special way. Now ABC’s “No Ordinary Family” is looking for the most extraordinary family to tell America what makes theirs stand out from the rest. Submit a video to ABC at telling us what makes your family extraordinary and we might send you on No Ordinary VIP vacation for five days and four nights to the Walt Disney World® Resort in Florida.

Are you a single parent raising your kids and volunteering at the local community center? Are your kids on the honor r…

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Xean Xean 21 July 2010

Are you going to Comic-Con 2010?

If you are we've got some information from ABC regarding their new show No Ordinary Family. They've got a lot going on, so make sure you check them out at Booths 3921 & 3923!!

a) 3:15-4:15 ABC's No Ordinary Family: Exclusive Premiere— This is No Ordinary Panel!Michael Chiklis (The Shield), Julie Benz (Dexter), and executive producers Greg Berlanti(Green Lantern), Jon Harmon Feldman (Tru Calling), and David Semel (Heroes) present an exclusive screening of the new ABC series No Ordinary Family. After the screening, join them for a Q&A session and find out more about the superpowers that made this family go from ordinary to extraordinary overnight! Plus, everyone in the room will receive a surprise. Room 6A

b) Are you going to be hungry on Sa…

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