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Amanda Grayson
Family Unknown
Occupation Lawyer
Played By Amy Acker
Status Alive

Amanda Grayson was a lawyer in the episode No Ordinary Mobster doing a case with George before getting shot.

Season 1[]

No Ordinary Mobster[]

Amanda Grayson worked with George in a case against a

Amanda with George during his surprise birthday party.

criminal. George brings her to a party celebrating his own birthday. While there, Stephanie tells George that Amanda is interesting in him. He drives her home, and makes an approach. They share a brief kiss and then as she left the car, she is shot by an unknown person and collapses. She goes through surgury while George waits. Later George and Amanda share another kiss while she stayed at the hospital and agreed for a date. After Amanda recovered from the shooting, she goes over to George's house and spent the evening together. They sipped wine together when noise from the lair makes its way, and George has to end it. He blames it on the neighbours before he leaves.